Social Media Advertising

Get highly-qualified leads to pay attention to your brand


Experts always say: "Go where your customers are!" But where?

We use Facebook and Instagram to find your people by running sponsored ad campaigns. We create, manage, and optimize your ads to bring you new customers at lowest cost possible.


Unmatched Audience Reach

Put your brand in front of thousands or millions of people around the world who fit your target demographic.

Targeted Local SEARCH

Want to only target locals? No problem! Getting attention of people in your area is our specialty.


Greatest Marketing ROI

Measurable, best value-for-dollar form of marketing that exists today. And the longer your ads run, the more ROI is generated.


We handle the creative, write copy, and monitor the ads to supply you with weekly growth reports.


First time Running Ads?

We remember our first we've raised over a million dollars for our clients. You are in good hands. We'll even set up your Facebook Ad Account FREE.


Website Design

Convert leads into life-long customers in your sleep


Getting people to engage with your brand online is one thing, but winning them for life is another.

Your online presence is your 24/7 sales team. Gain trust quickly by forming a genuine connection visitors to your website or landing page. Showcase your company with stunning visuals, authentic copy, and your call-to-action.


Beautiful Websites

We are a team of designers and hustlers, not salesmen or software engineers. Our websites are beautiful, action-packed, and conversions-driven.

Authentic Storytelling

Build trust with potential customers by telling your story with engaging visuals, copy, and then get people to buy, call, download, and invest in your brand.


Build an Email List

Collect emails to keep your fan base in the loop.  Automatically sync with your existing CRM, or let GEM set you up FREE.


Keep in touch with website visitors through their Facebook & Instagram feeds. Let them know of upcoming promotions, announcements and events.


Look Good on Google

Improve the way your brand shows up on Google search and inspire confidence in potential customers.


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